How do you export custom fields from Customers?
Question asked by Jeff Saunders - 3/23/2016 at 11:26 PM
'Other 1' in the customer profile is where we have been storing some supplemental data we keep on file for select customers.  I cannot see how to export this field.  It does not appear in the list of field on the customer, and there doesn't seem to be an export for custom fields.
How do you do this?

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Jeff Saunders Replied
I guess it is not a custom field, but one of the supplemental fields under customer - but it is not a field that appears in the output list.  The question is still how do I export this - and then import into a different QB company.
We are using QB Enterprises 2016
Steve Replied
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Hi Jeff,
The Other1 field is not a standard field on the Customer record, it is used on transaction lines.  It could be a custom field that was added to Customer List in which case you can import these as described in this article.
Steve Batten

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