issue with expoting 29 feb 2016 transactions
Problem reported by gail lewis - 3/13/2016 at 3:53 AM
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I am exporting unpaid invoices on zed axis version 9 from Quckbooks premier 2012/13 but can not export ones dated 29 feb 2016.
Is it as is a leap year. - I have tried various different ways as follows
All dates
just the 29 Feb
and 26 feb to 2 march
also tested 1 March on its own so have isolated that is an issue just with 29 Feb
Only work around can thik of is change the invoice dates in Reckon to 28 feb - trouble is there are a lot as invoicing has been done last day of the month

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Steve Replied
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Hi Gail,
Looks like this is a bug in QuickBooks Premier 2012/13 Australia relating to the 29 February leap year.  It looks like it was resolved in later version of QuickBooks but not applied to your edition.
Sorry about that you might be able to contact Reckon and ask them to look into it.
Steve Batten

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