Where I can a find a list of all QuickBooks Online Mapping Fields
Question asked by Paul Burns - 2/9/2016 at 6:24 PM
I am trying to import a series of cheques into QBO.
Looking at the import field names on Axis, I do not understand the mapping.   eg. there isn't a field to say take it from chequing1 or chequing2 account.
What is the difference between line amount and line account amount.   (I assume one is the total, and one is the account (category) being charged?   But being I haven't been successful in importing yet I am not sure.
Really... I am just looking for a full list of the fields and what they mean.... I need a translator.
Thank you

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Steve Replied
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Hi Paul,
There is a detailed description of all the fields that you can import on a Check into QBO and an annotated screen shot.  I hope that explains but please raise a ticket and we can answer any additional question you may have.
Steve Batten

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