Getting QuickBooks Online to be DCAA compliant
Question asked by Howard Kaufman - 12/17/2015 at 1:57 PM
Because of some features present in QB Desktop that are absent in QBO, I am having difficulty getting our QBO system to be DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliant.  I'm trying to patch together some 3rd party apps to plug the gaps but have not figured out how to accomplish all the tasks.  I'm hoping zedsystems might provide some of the missing functionality.  Here's what I'm trying to do:
1) DCAA-compliant time tracking 
This requires a supervisor approval and change tracking audit.  tSheets provides this functionality but will not interface with Intuit Full Service Payroll or the new QBO integrated Full Service Payroll.
2) Posting labor $'s to jobs (or customers)
Employees' labor must be able to be allocated to specific government contracts.  I'm planning to use Customers and sub-Customers in QBO to capture these expenses.  
3) Uncompensated salaried overtime
When a salaried employe works 45 hours one week and 55 hours a second week his/her hourly rates are different.  The correct hourly rate, as a function of how many hours worked that week, must be charged to the appropriate Customer account (ie the respective government grant)
4) Possible makeshift solution
Here is a possible solution I'm investigating to see if it can be made to work:
- use tSheets for DCAA compliant time tracking
- export to Excel and calculate hourly rates for uncompensated salary overtime
- import (using zedsystems) into QBO Full Service Payroll (if possible)
- also allocate labor expenses to "customers" (appropriate government grant buckets) within QBO or using Journal Entries (via zedsystems) if necessary
5) Request for comment(s)
- do you think this scheme would work?
- can you think of a more elegant/streamlined solution?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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