How do I apply payments to existing invoices?
Question asked by Kim Denny - 9/29/2015 at 8:48 PM
I am having trouble applying payments to an existing invoice. I use Quickbooks Online. I've looked at two separate help pages in the knowledge base, and both pages give different answers. I do not have permission to use hyperlinks in posts, but I have shared instructions about where to access the pages I reference.
This page says to map "Apply to Bill Ref" to the invoice number:
Knowledge Base>Search "Import receive payments into QuickBooks Online"> First link: "Import receive payments into QuickBooks Online"
And this page says to map "ApplyToInvoiceRef" to the invoice number:
Knowledge Base>Search "Auto apply payment">First link: "How to apply customer payments to invoices"
The only option on the mapping in my plug-in is "ApplyToInvoiceRef", but when I try to map this, I receive an error and the import does not complete. One line from the logs I'm receiving is "Column 'ApplytoBillRef' does not belong to table ." This confuses me because "ApplytoBillRef" isn't an option to map in the QBO version.
Wondering if I am doing something incorrectly?    

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Steve Replied
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Hi Kim,  
Can you please make sure that you have mapped the field for DocNumber more is explained in this support article.  Also please make sure that you are following the information for importing into QuickBooks Online as the process for QuickBooks Desktop is slightly different.
Steve Batten
John Becker Replied

I'm having the same issue. Invoices, Journal Entires, and Sales Receipts import fine but matching payments to invoices is hit or miss. Currently, under this mapping, the payment imports to QB Online but ends up unapplied.

My columns are Doc Number (I use autonumbering and Duplicate and just enter 1,2,3, etc for the doc number). The other columns are TxnDate, Total Amount, CustomerRef, PaymentMethodRef, ApplytoInvoiceRef (where I have the invoice number I want the payment applied to) and PaymentAmount.

Am I missing something I should map in order to link the payment to the invoice? Thanks.

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