Better Error Reporting on Importation
Idea shared by Jalam Plunkett - 9/28/2015 at 8:01 PM
Under Consideration
1. Better Error Reporting on Importation,
2. Pass the error received from Quickbooks back to the user, as well as giving the invoice / transaction number that caused the failure.
I would appreciate, when an error occurs on import of payments, if the error would report the invoice number that has the issues, and the error QB is reporting. Example, when you import a payment, and the payment may have 200 - 2000+ invoice numbers for the same payment, if the amount being paid is OVER the amount of the invoice, the import will fail and the error only reports the payment number, not the invoice that caused the issue. This causes a lot of wasted time, now having to research which invoice or invoices caused the failure.

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Is it possible to include the line number for import error relating to a journal?

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