Importing updated Price Level entries
Question asked by Steven Munoz - 1/25/2024 at 8:12 AM
Ok so I've imported well over 400 Price Levels with each having anywhere from 5 to 150 custom prices for various items.  Now I've got an updated list of items for these existing, already imported Price Levels.  Some of the items are NEW which should be appended to the existing Price Level and some items are UPDATED prices which should overwrite existing, matching Price Level entries, in my opinion.  I haven't been able to accomplish either.  Even if I select just ONE record from the excel sheet to import it always fails to append to the existing - I have to use Overwrite which causes a problem when I then go to Preferences in Quickbooks and switch the Price Levels to Price Rules.  Under the Price Rules the "overwritten" Price Level entries do NOT show up!
HOW DO I GET ONE OR MORE updated entries into my Price Levels/Rules???

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Steve Replied
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Hi Steve, I am unsure of how or why that is happening but the process to convert a Price Level to a Price Rule occurs entirely inside QuickBooks so not even sure Zed Axis can do anything to affect that.  Have you spoken to Intuit tech Support?

Steve Batten
Steven Munoz Replied
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I have not spoken to Intuit but after many tests I can conclude that the Quickbook process of converting Price Levels to Price Rules only occurs once per Price Level - after which, anything you do with the original Price Level (by switching the Advanced Pricing preference for Price Rules back to Price Levels) only impacts the Price Level and not the Price Rule.  Consequently, any imports done in Zed Axis to the Price Level appear to work for ONLY the Price Level- not the Price Rule.  I cannot accomplish what I am trying to do because:

1. Quickbooks only converts a Price Level to Price Rule ONCE, and
2. Zed Axis has no access to the Price Rules table (I don't understand why Intuit doesn't allow this!)

Furthermore, I can't export updated Price Rules tables to Excel.  This would have at least allowed me to take a current Price Rule and modify all the prices.  I could then delete the Price Rule and corresponding Price Level before importing the updated Excel sheet into a brand, new Price Level.  Quickbooks would then notice the new Price Level and convert it to Price Rule.

Hope this makes sense, lol.  I'd speak in SQL language but I think less people would understand what I was trying to accomplish.


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