Import Error
Problem reported by Sue Graham - 8/12/2023 at 5:04 AM
I am using Zed Axis to import an XLS file exported from a Reckon Accounts Premier 2022 Estimate.  The file is being imported into a new Reckon Accounts Premier 2022 file.  

The error is get is the following...

The element 'EstimateAdd' has invalid child element 'EstimateLineGroupAddREM'. List of possible elements expected: 'IsTaxIncluded CustomerSalesTaxCodeRef Other EstimateLineAdd EstimateLineGroupAdd'.

Th problem I have is that the Mapping File I have set up (Transcation Type: Estimate) doesn't have these "Quickbooks Columns"  available to map.

Does anyone know if Zed Axis is compatible with Reckon Premier Accounts, or any idea where the issue is here?  Many thanks.

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