Does Zed work if you are logged into the computer (it is on) remotely to do the import to QB desktop?
Question asked by CPC Pools - 4/12/2022 at 6:27 PM
Possible that we are hiring an employee to transfer our data from Pool Office Manager to QB desktop via ZED Axis while not at the computer the programs are on (logging in remotely via chrome). Is Zed capable of working that way without crashing (It crashes while at the computer working on - no matter if stay on the page and wait for the transfer to complete or if I happen to switch to the email program or another application (excel word) while the import is being done via a remote session. Need detailed info - read some comments in the knowledge base that doesn't work so well.

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Steve Replied
Employee Post
Yes it does as long as you have Zed Axis installed next to QuickBooks.  If you are having problems with QuickBooks becoming unresponsive then it may be the QuickBooks interrface is becoming overloaded in which case batching the imports will help.
Steve Batten

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