Import Mapping ReceivePayment issues with Memo Import data Column
Problem reported by Jalam Plunkett - 3/27/2019 at 10:11 PM
Applies to Ver 13.2

Memo & Description Columns populate when applying a saved mapping (Import type: Receive Payment) to an open worksheet, despite no memo option selected in the Column mappings.

I have remade several mappings, and saved them with different Memo Options with the same results (memo & Description applied to worksheet with City (one of my data columns). 
Noticed after upgrading to ver 13.2 from 12.2.

Temporary Work Around:
Open spreadsheet, Apply saved mapping, 'Edit' saved mapping, select correct Mapping Name, change Memo field from Blank to , save mapping, click Refresh on workbook view. This fixes the issue for this import. On subsequent imports, the same work around must be used as the Memo setting isn't being saved to the mapping.

Other Thoughts:
One of the first things I did after upgrading to ver 13.2 was take advantage of the new function to join (concatenate) columns together. I do have a function created for my invoice mappings to join 3 columns (street, city, zip code), and it works great!
I wonder, even though this function isn't visibly applied (nor should it be able to, since "Description" isn't a valid entry for Receiving Payments), if it is somehow bleeding over in the background code. Just a thought for Devs to check, hope it helps.

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