Email alerting/adverting non plus purchasers of new Version releases.
Idea shared by Jalam Plunkett - 3/21/2019 at 8:48 PM
Not sure when Version 13 released (change log says September of 2018), but I wish I had known the minute it came to sale. The same was true of version 11 to version 12, I only found out about the release when I had a minor problem and came looking to the site (that was also fixed in that version a little later). 

Please have an opt in to send me at least one email as soon as the new releases are available for purchase so I can continue to support this excellent software, and get the newest features as soon as they are available. I think its awesome that I'm not bombarded with ads (unlink software seller TeamViewer who sends daily adverts), but the fact new versions come out every 12 - 18 months, I want to be on the bandwagon to support them, even though I don't need all the services of Plus for my operation. Maybe even a sign up to receive updates in the change log.

Thank You so much for the excellent software over the years, and hopefully for years to come!

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