Error when importing or exporting after installing QuickBooks 2019
Announcement made by Steve - December 12, 2018 at 7:20 PM
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Occurs:  When exporting or importing into QuickBooks 2018 or below the import or export fails with the message "Please disconnect online session".  This occurs after installing QuickBooks 2019.
Cause: The release of QuickBooks 2019 has introduced a problem to the QuickBooks API files which means it is not possible to import or export to QuickBooks 2018 and older that are installed on the same PC as QuickBooks 2019  Intuit are aware of the problem and have a reference QBWG-70991 they do not have an ETA for an update.
Resolution: (Updated see Intuit update below)  We are hoping that Intuit will patch QuickBooks 2019 soon.  In the meantime the only resolution we can recommend is to uninstall QuickBooks 2019, then refresh the interface files and reinstall 2018 or the earlier version you are trying to connect to.
Steve Batten

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