Is there a Maximum Row Count per Spreadsheet?
Question asked by Clyde Plunkett - June 28, 2018 at 7:53 PM
Is there a published maximum row count per file import?
Reason for Curiosity:
I'm curious as when I import invoices, it becomes unstable between 600 and 700, usually resulting in Zed Axis freezing. 100% of the time 300 or less invoices imports. After 300, very infrequently it will crash between 300-600.
Further observations:
I just noticed after a crash at 612(825 invoices total), that the system doesn't let you choose to start on a row PAST 500.

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I'm a brand new user...still working with the test version.  I had a spreadsheet with 7,790 and it failed.  I then broke it into 2,500 chunks and it failed.  Finally I've broken it in to max 1,000 chunks and it is working better.  I still get intermittent failure and have to push the missing items.  Be sure to not repush the entire  spreadsheet to avoid duplicates. 

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