Is there a Maximum Row Count per Spreadsheet?
Question asked by Jalam Plunkett - 6/28/2018 at 7:53 PM
Is there a published maximum row count per file import?
Reason for Curiosity:
I'm curious as when I import invoices, it becomes unstable between 600 and 700, usually resulting in Zed Axis freezing. 100% of the time 300 or less invoices imports. After 300, very infrequently it will crash between 300-600.
Further observations:
I just noticed after a crash at 612(825 invoices total), that the system doesn't let you choose to start on a row PAST 500.

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CovalentWorks, LP Replied
I'm a brand new user...still working with the test version.  I had a spreadsheet with 7,790 and it failed.  I then broke it into 2,500 chunks and it failed.  Finally I've broken it in to max 1,000 chunks and it is working better.  I still get intermittent failure and have to push the missing items.  Be sure to not repush the entire  spreadsheet to avoid duplicates. 
Jalam Plunkett Replied
You can re-import an entire spreadsheet IF you have selected the option to "Skip" duplicates (If Transaction exists - Skip (other options are Overwrite, Append, Duplicate)).

(YMMV, make sure your configuration is correct with a small sheet first.) 

In version 12, if a sheet failed, I would simply copy the last failed Ref number from Zed Axis Import Log, then go to that sheet, duplicate (copy it in Excel), and delete everything above it on the copy. This left my full sheet intact, while giving me a new sheet with the missing data to pull from. Make sure to select the correct sheet under Excel Options.

In version 13, I see that it seems to sort the sheet by Ref #, which may be different to how your sheet is sorted. No big issue if you re-import the entire sheet and let it skip duplicates, but if you try to use the method of last failed Ref number, ensure you have sorted your spreadsheet by Ref number, otherwise it may not match up (Again, YMMV, make sure your settings are correct before applying someones else's methods, also back up your files before importing or testing imports to make sure errors aren't harder to fix than need be.)

I haven't tried a large sheet with ver 13. in Ver 12 I could get up to 500 rows, but failure rates were high over 300. I have since dropped to 300 lines per sheet, and have a 99.9% success rate (where data is correctly arranged). I'll update next time I try a large import.
Steve Replied
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Hi Jalam,

There is no restriction placed on the number of rows that you can import into QuickBooks when using Zed Axis, as in theory there is no restrictions on how many rows QuickBooks desktop will accept when importing via the API, there are some restrictions for the QuickBooks Online import but we have never reached that potential limit in all the testing we have done.  

However, we recommend that if you are considering importing files with over 1000 rows that you break the import up into batches to get a more consistent import experience.  We have from time to time seen the QuickBooks desktop API interface become unresponsive with large file imports, and the import process will stop as Axis waits for a success message from QuickBooks before sending its next transaction or list object. Axis will show in the import summary the last successful transaction or list item that was imported so you can stop, reconnect and resume the import from that point.  We believe that this unresponsiveness is due to memory overflow on the QuickBooks API.  You can also follow the suggestions in this support article to reduce the memory overhead when importing.

Hope that helps.

Steve Batten

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