Product Announcement: End of Support for older versions of Zed Axis

We pride ourselves on making applications that use the latest in technology and security to reduce data entry in the workplace.  Technology and the needs in the workplace are constantly changing so we need to focus on those, supporting older versions means we spend less time doing that which is contrary to our goals,

The following versions of Zed Axis has reached end of support:

Zed Axis v2.1,v3, v4.0, v4.3, v5.0, v6.0, v7.0, v8.0, v9.0, v10.2, V11.0, V12.2, V13.2, V14.0, and V15.1

You can purchase an upgrade license to the latest version of Zed Axis.  We generally release a couple of updates each year and a brand new version each year which include significant improvements and fixes.  We have kept a list of the types of improvements and new features we have released in the past on this page. 

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