Zed Axis V12.1 Beta 3 - Release informaiton

Please be aware that whilst we have been testing this version the software it is still in beta release so there will be open issues that we are aware of.  I strongly recommend that you take care to backup your QuickBooks data and test with small batches of data when importing.  By agreeing to participate, downloading and installing the beta release software you acknowledge and accept these limitations and conditions.
You can download a copy of the Zed Axis v12 beta from this link.
If you require a temporary activation key please use these details:
password: zed
expires: March 26th 2017
Reporting Issues:  If you encounter an issue with the software we will do our best to get it resolved please raise a support ticket describing:
  • The build release number (found in the About Tab)
  • The error and the steps you took to reach it,
  • Attaching any maps or data will also helps us to quickly identify the cause.
Many thanks again and please let me know what you think.