Axis V11.2 Update released

Axis version 11.2 is released today.  This update fixes recent discovered bugs in V11, and extends the existing features, in particular importing into QuickBooks Online and the Bank Statement Import feature.
  • Added - Import Employee list into QuickBooks Online
  • Added - Export Employee list from QuickBooks Online
  • Added - Eliminated requirement to have MS Excel installed
  • Enhancement - Importing Purchases now split into Cash, Check and CreditCard
  • Enhancement - Improved speed of preview on bank statements
  • Enhancement - Improved date format parsing on bank statements
  • Enhancement - Exact matching option for Search and Replace Function
  • Enhancement - Added Other field to Sales Receipt Map
  • Enhancement - Added Other, Other1 & Other2 to Credit Memo map
  • Enhancement - Added new fields to Customer List map
  • Enhancement - Added custom field import to Sales Receipt, Invoice and Sales order for QuickBooks desktop
  • Enhancement - Added ability to apply to bill in BillPaymentCreditCard import
  • Fixed - Removed limits on number of rows able to export
  • Fixed - Counts on import summary screen inaccurate
  • Fixed - Truncating description field on invoices
  • Fixed - Importing into QBO Undo button not working
Also includes over 50 major and minor bug fixes in QBO and QuickBooks desktop imports