How to connect Zed Axis to QuickBooks Point of Sale

To connect Zed Axis to your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file please follow the steps outlined in this support article. Before connecting please make sure that you have completed the following:
  • You have installed QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and the latest updates have been applied to your desktop
  • You have installed Zed Axis on the same PC that you have QuickBooks Point of Sale installed on
  • You have logged into your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file that you want to connect Zed Axis to.
  1. Open Zed Axis and Select the Connections tab
  2. In the QuickBooks connection area select the option for QuickBooks POS and click the Connect to QuickBooks button
  3. In the Point of Sale Connection screen the enter the details for the connection that you would like to make
  • Computer Name - the name of the PC that you are using.
  • QBPOS Company - the name of the QuickBooks Point of Sale file you wish to connect to
  • Is Practice - check box to select if the company data file you are connecting to is in Practice mode
  • QBPOS Version - The current release version of the QuickBooks Point of Sale file.
Finally click Connect and you will be prompted to give Zed Axis permission to connect to the QuickBooks POS company file, we recommend that you select Yes Always. 
Once you have successfully connected  you will see the name of the QuickBooks POS company file displayed.

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