Import receive payments into QuickBooks Online

Import receive payments into QuickBooks Online
import receive payments into qbo
QuickBooks Online Field Format Description
Doc Number Str 21 MANDATORY FIELD - Reference number, duplicate DocNumbers are accepted in QuickBooks, see also Auto Numbering
Txn Date date The date of the payment, If you leave TxnDate out the mapping, the current date in QuickBooks Online will be used.
Private Note Str 4000 User entered, organization-private note about the transaction. This note will not appear on the transaction records by default.
Txn Status Enum Status of the payment - PAID
Customer Ref Str Full name of the customer or job
AR Account Ref Str Reference to the Accounts Receivable account
Deposit To Account Ref Str Optional asset account the funds are deposited into Default value: Undeposited Funds account
Payment Method Ref Str The payment method used
Payment Ref Num Str The reference number for the payment received ie Check #
Credit Card    
Total Amount Decimal Total amount of the payment
Process Payment    
Currency Ref Str Reference to the currency payment is made in (Only UK, CA, AU)
Exchange Rate Decimal The Currency exchange rate, (Only UK, CA, AU)
Payment Amount    
Apply To Bill Ref Str The transaction reference number that the payment is being applied to
Line Payment Amount   The line amount of the payment being applied to the Bill
Unapplied Amt Decimal Read only


Common Errors

Business Validation Error: The Amount Received (plus credit) can't be less than the selected charges. Also, the selected charges can't be less than the selected credits.Can you check that the Total Amount of the receive payment is equal to the line amounts and the credits

TxnID Cannot Be Linked -  Indicates that the payment cannot be assigned to the invoice that is specified this could be because the invoice number specified does not exist, is not associated with the customer specified or the outstanding balance is zero or less than the payment amount.


By Steve Batten

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