Importing checks into QuickBooks

You can import checks from text files or from Excel spreadsheets directly into QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online using the Zed Axis software.  Download and install the Zed Axis software on your computer
  1. Open your QuickBooks company file as Administrator and open Zed Axis
  2. Select your text file or spreadsheet which contains the checks that you want to import.
  3. Set up the a Mapping of the columns in your check import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks
  4. Click Import and your checks will be directly added to your QuickBooks company file.
Download a sample check import file.

Note: As in QuickBooks when importing a check it should either be associated to an Item purchased or an Expense Account or a combination of both.  You must also set the bank account from which the check is drawn.

Import checks into QuickBooks


For more information about importing checks into QuickBooks, search the Knowledge Base, watch the movies in the Learning Centre, or raise a ticket with Zed Support

QuickBooks Field Type Description
AccountFullName Str159 Mandatory. Refers to the account from which the funds are being drawn for this check, for example, Checking or Savings. FullName is required
PayeeEntity Str 209 refers to the person or company to whom the check is written
RefNumber Str 11 refers to this transaction and that can be arbitrarily changed by the QuickBooks user
TxnDate Date The date written on the check
Memo Str 4095 The memo that is printed on the check itself
Address   Address block
IsToBePrinted Bool (true or false) If IsToBePrinted is true, this transaction is on a list of forms to be printed later
IsTaxIncluded Bool (true or false) If IsTaxIncluded is true, this transaction includes Tax (CA, UK, AU only)
ExchangeRate float the market price for which this currency can be exchanged for the currency used by the QuickBooks company file as the "home" currency
Expense Account str 159 You must include AccountRef if the “Require accounts” check box is selected in the QuickBooks Accounting preferences. (It is selected by default.) Typically this is an expense, asset or liability account. Accounts should be specified as a full name format
ExpenseAmount Amt A monetary amount
Expense Memo Str 4095 Additional information about this expense line.
Expense Customer Name Str 209 If AccountRef refers to an A/P account, CustomerRef must refer to a vendor (not to a customer). If AccountRef refers to any other type of account, the CustomerRef must refer to a customer
Expense Class Str 159 Classes can be used to separate transactions into meaningful categories.
Expense Sales Tax Code Str 3 Tax code (CA, UK AU only)
Expense Billable Status Values:
Billable, NotBillable, HasBeenBilled
The billing status of thisexpense line. No default value
Item Full Name Str 209 An ItemLine is used to track any portion of a transaction that represents the purchase of an "item." ItemRef can refer to an item on any Item list. Full name required
Description Str 4095 Descriptoin of the item
Unit of Measure Str 31 Unit of measure for that item
Cost   If both Quantity and Amount are specified, QuickBooks will use them to calculate Cost. Likewise, if both Quantity and Cost are specified, QuickBooks will use them to calculate the total Amount
ItemAmount Amt  
Item Customer Name Str 209 Refer to a Customer or job, full name
Item Class   Classes can be used to separate transactions into meaningful categories.
Item Sales Tax Code Str 3 Tax code (CA, UK AU only)
Item Billable Status Values:
Billable, NotBillable, HasBeenBilled
The billing status of this expense line. No default value
Freight Amt Freight amount on Check, see more on shopping cart fields
Insurance Amt Insurance amount on Check, see more on shopping cart fields
Serial Number Str 4095 The serial number for the item more
Lot Number Str 40 The lot number of the item more
Troubleshooting error messages
QuickBooks Error Message: The currency of the account must be either in home currency or the transaction currency.
This error occurs when you are importing a transaction (ie Check) where the currency of the the Accounts Payable account is not the same currency that is used on the Payee or Vendor account in QuickBooks.  Please check that the currencies match. QuickBooks will not permit a check where the currency is different for the AP account and the Payee.
Check RefNumber Empty after import - If after importing checks into QuickBooks the check ref number is empty or says To Print.  This could be because the option To be Printed is checked in which case the ref number will appear once this option is deselected or if you map the IsToBePrinted field and set the value to false, alternatively if you are using Auto Numbering and the last Check number in QuickBooks was empty the sequence is not available, finally it might be due to auto formatting feature which can be resolved by following these instructions


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