ISSUE: Unable to connect to QuickBooks Online - PATCH AVAILABLE FOR V11 and V12 users - More here
ISSUE Error when importing into QuickBooks Online - RESOLVED as at 08:28am Wednesday March 8th AEST 
Occurs: When importing transactions that contain items into QuickBooks Online, the import fails at the start of the list validation phase.  You may get a message that says unable to create the list item as it already exists.  Error appeared around 5th March.
Impacts: Due to a recent change made to QuickBooks Online it is affecting  Zed Axis V11 and V12 importing into editions of QBO.
Resolution: An update to Zed Axis 12.1 is available for download which has a fix for this issue.  You will need to uninstall the previous version and then install and activate this version but your maps will be retained

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